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Writing can feel damn lonely and the road to finishing projects and publishing them is hell. A coach who does more than just cheerlead can be just the ticket to getting the work finished and out the door. Anna March (Modern Love, NY Magazine, VQR, Tin House, and regularly at Salon and The Rumpus) will be your writing coach to help you clarify your goals and meet them. Whether you are trying to get through a first draft of a book, get one story finished per month or get one big essay out the door, Anna might be able to help.

Anna has recently completed a novel and a memoir and knows how tough it can be to write your way to the end. (She’s currently finishing up an essay collection and beginning a novel in stories.) She will give you advice, help you break through blocks in your writing and eliminate obstacles to productivity. Perhaps most importantly, she will work through your fears with you and hold your hand through doubt and anxiety. You can tell her about all the crazy you are feeling — she gets it. Honey lambs, she gets it.

Anna will work with you to help you brainstorm about editors and agents if that’s needed, help you develop your materials and open up new ways of thinking about your writing and writing projects. She’ll be an honest friend, supporter, sounding board and voice of reason. Anna can be a thought partner on projects if you need that. She will offer a breath of fresh perspective and energy. Every two weeks you will send her an email update about what’s going on – as long or brief as you want and then you two will talk for 30 minutes at a pre-set time, later in that week. Anna will be in a quiet setting for those calls and suggests you are, too. In between those calls, you can send her an email and she will send a thoughtful reply. That means you are in touch with Anna weekly.

And if things get REALLY crazy for you, you can always text. Anna will be on call for you if something’s pressing or emergent — kind of like a writing therapist. (If you and Anna are nearby or are going to be nearby, you two can meet up at least once during your package.) Anna will offer practical support, encouragement, and will guide you as you make connections with editors, agents and other writers as appropriate. She will be an ally on the road to meeting your goals. (And if there’s something specific you think Anna can help with — let her know! She’ll try.)

Yearly Rate

52 weeks, $2600 — that’s $50 a week, 33% off the standard rate of $75 per week.
Payment schedule: 1/4 to reserve your spot ($625), 1/4 at the end of your first month, 1/4 at the end of your fourth month, and 1/4 at the end of your seventh month.

Smaller Packages

4 weeks, $75 per week — $300 — payable in full to reserve your spot (minimum package)
13 weeks, $63 per week — $819 — payable $300 to reserve your spot, and the balance after your 5th week
26 weeks, $57 per week — $1463 — payable $450 to reserve your spot, $450 after your 8th week, and the balance after your 12th week
39 weeks, $53 per week — $2067 — payable $550 to reserve your spot, $550 after your 9th week, $550 after your 16th week, and the balance after your 23rd week
Please let Anna know if you need to work something else out in terms of payment